Cool and Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Wedding is one of the most important things for every woman in the world. It is because the woman will be married to the man she love the most. They will unite as husband and wife which is the legal relationship of the woman and man. They will live independently from their parent to have their own life. However, this also means you will have less freedom later. So, you need to learn things such as  Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas which are like the bachelor party.

Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas are synonym of the bachelor party for the women. However, in here, the games will usually less “aggressive” than the men. As you know, most bachelor party will have the kind of naughty events right now. They usually go with their male friends to have gambling or to stripper club. However, in bridal shower games, the women will usually have easier and girlish games to do.

There are many kinds of girlish games each of which is fun and easy to do. In here, you will learn few of them. First, it is bridal shower bingo. It is the bingo with wedding themed pieces. To do it, you need to prepare the bingo cards. Then, you change the words to wedding related in there such as the name of the husband. Then, you play it with traditional bingo games.

Second, it is the game purse raid. It is one of the popular Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas.  It is like the scavenger hunt but using the guests and bride’s bag and purse. In here, you will need to buy risqué items and small gift to be put in the bag or purse. Each player will need to guest randomly the inside of the bag to get the prize.

Third, it is the newlywed games. It is the simple and fun game like quiz game. In here, you need to list the question and answer for the quiz. In here, the bride will ask to her friends about the question. If one of them wrong the will get a kind of penalty.

Last, it is pass the love story. It is one of the most popular Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas to do. it is very simple and fun. Each of players will tell the love story about themselves. This is also can be done for women who have not married already.